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Pi Innovation

Feasibility studies, business planning & market introduction - Consulting, elaboration and drafting of feasibility studies, business plans, financing plans, market positioning and market entry strategies.

Grants and Financing -advice on and support in raising finance for all your innovation and investment projects.

Innovation Management - Determine innovation strategy for innovative enterprises and elaborate it into concrete development and investment projects.

Collaboration and synergy - Finding partners for high-tech companies to successfully realize technological innovations.

Organization Development - Strategic process analysis and consulting, change management with a focus on behavior and competencies. 

Pi Academy

Training and advice - interactive knowledge transfer on funding, acquisition, partner search, Horizon 2020, project development, writing successful funding applications, project management.

Personal development - Guidance of ambitious professionals towards personal growth and employability.

Pi Improvement

Performance improvement - Supporting innovative organizations in the design and implementation of structural organizational and business improvement processes.

Process improvement - Advising organizations on the improvement of internal processes using Lean Six Sigma.

Why Pi Consultancy?

Pi Consultancy provides advice and support on all your organization's challenges to innovate, grow and develop. Sounds good, but not unique.

So what makes Pi Consultancy so distinctive? That's mainly in the people of Pi Consultancy. They are all smart, enthusiastic, creative, out-of-the-box thinking, non-conformist, but ultimately always realistic and above all of added value. If we don't see opportunities or find ourselves unsuited to the specific challenge, we will report it immediately. But we have yet to encounter the first challenge for which we did not know a solution.

Arrogant? Well, that's how it could come across, but we prefer to call it proud and stubborn.

Anyway, in the end it's all about the result. The proof of the pudding is in the eating so we suggest: take up the challenge with us and be convinced of our value to your organization!

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